Ishola Adebayo

PMB’s Mid Term Assessment: So Far, So Good! –Ishola Adebayo

President Muhammadu Buhari clocks two years in office, it is very imperative to take an assessment of the regime in terms of its performance in the critical areas of its campaign promises viz-a-viz combating the security challenges, anti-corruption crusade, revamping the economy and in those areas that Citizens wanted action taken.

It remains unforgettable that PMB came to power based essentially on the allure of his character and the very strong and successful de-marketing of President Good luck Jonathan by the APC campaign machinery.

In assessing PMB’s mid-term regime, the landslide achievement would be in the area of security. Boko Haram has been substantially contained such that none of their leaders or spokespersons is issuing statements frequently in recent times unlike the last administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Over one hundred of the abducted Chibok school girls have been released to the government and are getting reunited with their parents. This is a great achievement for which Nigerians will never forget this government.

The fight against corruption is also steadily going on. The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has recovered over N17 billion through the whistle – blowing policy. Some past untouchables are being brought to book. The former National Secuirty Adviser, Col. Sambo Dasuki and other former top military officials are being investigated in the misappropriation of funds meant for procurement of arms for the fight against terrorism albeit, the Central Bank which helped in dispensing all these outrageous sums has been shielded from probe. The all-important petroleum sector where ridiculous theft took place in the last regime is yet to be investigated let alone prosecuted.

In the critical dimension of the economy, quality of life, public service delivery and even the rule of the law, the country has not fared much better. Yes! Some significant progress has been made to counter the Boko haram but other security issues like Fulani herdsmen and host communities bloody clash and incessant kidnappings still remain. True, the anticorruption campaign has achieved a higher level of consciousness among the people; the results are yet mixed and look limited in scope.

Much of what PMB regime has done in the last two years is clearing the Augean stable and laying the foundation – the super structure that will support the structures that are sure to come with the coming years. From the ease of doing business, the alignment of monetary, fiscal and trade policies, strategic engagement with the Niger Delta, National Economic Recovery and Growth Plan, TSA, Budget reforms, Open Government Partnership, whistle-blowing policy and all are software that would support the hardware that is expected to unfurl in the coming years. But whether that is enough to win him re-election if the FG were to call election today, is left to conjecture.

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